Advance Cloud Analytics. In Real-Time. Everywhere. Everything.


Here are snippets of what CuBA is able to provide you in Real-Time, through various media outlets. With one click, you are able to see demographics of your audience, age, interest, location.


You can use the information to really narrow down your marketing, save time, money and most of all, get the right message across, to the right target audience.


CuBA is advanced analytics for your Big Data needs.

CuBA is short for Cloud Based Analytics. It’s the premier tool for

online, offline and print media monitoring. It’s not just a tool, it’s a way for you to really crunch the data to bring better and more

effective media campaigns into the spotlight. 

You can monitor anything from TV, Radio to Twitter and Online News Portals.


You can monitor brands, and or VIP, VVIP individuals. With 6 IQ

Apps at your disposal, there really isn’t a limit to what you can

monitor about your brand or your competitor’s. 


With a growing list of features, CuBA doesn’t just analyse in one

particular region, it is truly global, and can translate and analyse

in more than 150+ languages. Including sanscript, and non Latin

cased languages.


With CuBA, you don’t just see what people are talking about, you

get to listen to what people are saying about your brand, your

statement, your identity.