s8i (Simplify 8 Inc) started in 2016, with a vision to make Data Analytics run autonomously and seamlessly on the Cloud. During our first year of operations, we   discovered that there was a huge problem with a piece in the jigsaw. The problem we had to solve was “Affordable” and “Reliable” storage. We had tried every known Cloud storage provider and we looked also into acquiring on site storage servers. However, every provider we met and or tried, were either too expensive for what we needed or they had limitations as to what we can do on their platform. To achieve the level we needed and wanted for our Cloud Analytics, we had to create a more reliable storage and improved back-end. In doing so, s8i had only one option, develop from scratch a more reliable back-end that is economically viable, sustainable and secure. 


In do so, we created a new breed of SDS. A product that is as versatile as it is robust. Currently, vision and   mission is to be the leading provider of Storage & Server solutions within the ASEAN region.