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Our mission is to provide our users with privacy and security giving them back the control over their data. No data collection, no tracking. Flexible data storage with a grade A+ support.


Your not being tracked, we can’t access your data. Protecting your privacy is our utmost importance.


In a time when everything is digital you deserve a safe home for all of your data. Our expertiese are at your service.

You first

Our products are shipped with long-term support to aid your work and help you reaching your goals. We’re here to help.

We’re A Digital Storage Solution provider.

There is no cloud only other people’s computers. This is the idea what started our journey to data storage realm.

Our story:

Simplify 8 Inc started in 2016, with a vision to make our products run autonomously and seamlessly on the cloud. During our first year of operations, we discovered a huge problem with a piece in the jigsaw. The problem was finding an affordable, reliable, secure storage solution. We tried every large public cloud provider and we looked into acquiring on site storage servers. However, every provider we met and or tried, were either too expensive for what we needed or they couldn’t fit our standards in security or privacy. To achieve the level we needed and wanted for our products, we had to create a more reliable storage and improved back-end. In doing so, Simplify created a more reliable back-end that is economically viable, sustainable and secure. SX5 was born. We created a new breed of SDS. A product that is as versatile as it is robust.

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Secure your data

Data Encryption At Rest & In Transit, Key Ownership & User Authentication

Data Sovereignty

Choose your own Storage Locations: Public, Private/EDGE or Hybrid cloud

Team and Share

Files, Folders, Projects, Share, Communication, Video Call & Collaboration


Content Collaboration, Productivity Management, Cloud Exchange

Works on

A cross-platform solution supporting iOS, Android, Mac, Linux & Windows


System, Storage, Hardware, Network and Security Health Monitoring

Our Skills

We’re skilled in a wide range of cyber-security, automation, container orchestration and cloud management tools.

  • 01- Business Development

  • 02- Data Security

  • 03- Automated Operations

  • 04- Customer Support

  • 05- Community


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South Quarter Tower A, 18th floor, Unit G&F Jl R.A. Kartini Kav 8, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12430.
Phone: +6221 8066 9662